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Accept Credit Cards With Or Without A Credit Card Reader Machine

A credit card reader machine and a merchant account from ICS can change the way you think about sales. These days, merchant accounts are very affordable, and processing rates for credit cards have dropped significantly; just about any business, no matter how small, can easily afford to accept credit cards. The days of high rates and fees are gone for good! In many cases, the sales increases that are typically associated with accepting credit cards will more than make up for the relatively small costs involved in credit card processing. And with ICS, you may even get a credit card reader machine for free!

In the past, getting your business set up to accept and process credit card transactions was a complicated and often time-consuming process. Nowadays, setup is quick and easy, and ICS can get you up and running in as little as 24 hours. And ICS will be sure to provide your business with everything it needs, from programming old terminals to helping you get started with new software solutions.

ICS offers solutions for every kind of business. If you do most of your business online, ICS can help you integrate your website directly with your merchant account. If you run a mobile business where a regular hardwired credit card reader machine won’t work, ICS offers several mobile solutions including ICS TelePay, with which you can accept credit card payments from practically anywhere without a dedicated credit card reader machine. With TelePay, your field service agents or sales agents can take credit card payments with a Blackberry smartphone. They can professionally process credit and signature debit payments right on their mobile phone, so the payment is taken care of right on the spot. When the sale is made, or the job is done, you can easily accept credit card payment onsite, without specialized equipment!

To learn more about the various services and credit card reader machines available from ICS, please call a representative at (866) 925-5007.

  • Our easy application process takes about 5 minutes
  • Accounts are usually approved within 24 hours.
  • Save time & eliminate hours of bookwork each week as QuickBooks does the accounting for you.

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